Anaheim Indoor Air

Air Quality

Do you worry about the air quality in your home? While Southern California isn’t known for having terrible air, simply living in a city can make your air dirtier than it might otherwise be. With all of the cars that drive through California these days, it’s no wonder that some people worry about their indoor air quality.

If you or someone you love has asthma or allergies, you may worry about your indoor air quality no matter where you live. Even the smallest amount of particulates can make breathing harder for these folks.

Instead of worrying, though, give us a call. Our environmental technicians can come to your home, evaluate the quality of your air, and let you know what can be done to make things better. Breathe easy in your home when Evolution Services is in charge of improving the quality of your air.

Duct Cleaning

One of the first steps you can take to improve the quality of your air is to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned. If you’re interested in this service, the first step is to conduct ductwork inspections of your home. We will send out a technician to do this for you. The tech will look at all visible ductwork and may even send a camera through your ducts to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that would affect how we proceed.

Once we know what we are looking at, we will know how to proceed. Some ducts need very little cleaning. If the system is intact, it should be hard for dust and other debris to get into your ducts. However, even the smallest hole or mismatched seam in your ducts can allow these things inside.

We can clean some ducts by hand. For the rest, we use a powerful vacuum and blower technology to get all foreign matter out of your ducts. We ensure the safety of your ducts at all times, and we will care for your home as if it was our very own.

Air duct cleaning can be enough to improve life dramatically for asthma and allergy sufferers. If they are sensitive to dust or any of the other matter in your ducts, removing it can save them quite a bit of discomfort.

Ductwork Repairs

Sometimes, we find holes or other problems with your ductwork that require repair. If your ducts are going to allow in contaminants no matter how clean we get them, then they need to be fixed before we can clean them out. Because we also offer comprehensive HVAC services, we can perform many ductwork repairs ourselves, but we will let you know if we think you need to bring in some duct experts to get the best fix. In the end, we want to help you feel better and live better, even if that means referring your business to someone with more specialized expertise than we have. Once your ducts are repaired, we will come back and get them clean for you!

Air Filtration

If you want your air cleaner than what an air duct cleaning can provide, or if you have particularly sensitive people living in your home, we will help you find an air filtration system that is right for you. We will recommend filters for you based on what you or your loved ones are sensitive to and how sensitive you are. It helps to know what, exactly, triggers your asthma and allergies, though this isn’t essential for getting you a filter that will help.

Ultraviolet Lighting

UV filters are the ultimate when it comes to cleaning your air of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microbes. If you are sensitive to something in your air that is alive, this is the type of filter you need.

UV filters involve installing ultraviolet lights on your air conditioner’s return ducts, drain pans, and evaporator coils. As the air passes through these areas, the light sterilizes it, killing off these living air pollutants.

While this might seem like an extreme solution, it can be a lifesaver for folks with allergies. This technology used to only be available for commercial buildings, but homeowners are finding it to be a lifesaver, too. For folks who struggle to breathe, it can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

Electronic Air Filters

These filters use electrostatic energy to remove air pollutants from the air you breathe in your home. It creates a negative ionic field, which attracts and holds particulates that are in the air. If you struggle to breathe because of dust or other particulates, this is the type of filter than you need. We can help you select the filter that is right for you and get it installed so you can breathe easy again.

Humidity Control

Some places in Southern California can get very humid, especially if you live near the coast. Other parts can get dry, like the Inland Empire. Ideal humidity levels, especially for people who struggle with breathing problems, exist somewhere between these two spots. We can help you achieve the humidity level that is right for you. We’ll help you choose between whole house humidifiers or dehumidifiers, or other, area-specific, options. Once we know your needs, we will be able to recommend and install the best option for you.

Are you ready to take deep, clean breaths again? Call Evolution Services and discover just how clean the air in your home can be. Alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms or just rest assured that the air you’re breathing is the best it can possibly be for your body.

We would love to show you why so many Southern Californians call Evolution Services whenever they have an indoor air quality question. Many call us, too, for our HVAC services. All in all, we understand air and how to make you comfortable and healthy in your own home. If you’re ready for cleaner air today, give us a call. We’ll send out a tech whenever it’s convenient for you and find the air quality solutions you need.