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Homeowners near and throughout Orange County rely on the experts at Evolution Services for all of their HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) needs. Call us for everything from routine maintenance and repair to complete turn-key installation.

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Is it time to replace or upgrade your air conditioner and/or furnace? Ensure that your family stays comfortable in all types of weather with a complete, professionally designed and installed heating and cooling system.

Evolution Services offers plain English explanations and competitive pricing on all major equipment brands. Plus, when we come out for your free consultation we’ll also inspect your home’s air ducts. If they’ve seen better days (and especially if they’re lined with asbestos), we’ll be sure to include replacing them with high-efficiency ductwork in our bid, too.


What should you do when it’s 95° outside and your air conditioner won’t turn on? Or if it’s cold out and your heater stops working? Call the A/C and furnace repair experts at Evolution Services! We offer same- or next-day service on business days, convenient 4-hour service windows, and 24/7 emergency service.

Indoor Air Quality

Are allergens and other undesirable particles in your home’s air affecting your family’s health? Evolution Services can help you improve the air quality in your home. Options include:

Electronic air filters – These filters create an electrostatic field of negative ions that magnetically attracts and holds particulates that are in the air. Much more effective than standard furnace filters, electronic air filters efficiently “scrub” dust, pollens and many other particles from the air that passes through them.

Ultraviolet lighting – Previously only available for commercial buildings, this technology has become increasingly popular with homeowners, too. When properly added to your air conditioner’s return ducts, evaporator coils and drain pans, ultraviolet lighting can electronically sterilize these contact surfaces as well as the air that passes through the light stream of these lights. This sterilization processes reduces the presence of viruses, mold, bacteria and other microbes in your home’s air.


What’s the best way to keep your air conditioner and heater in tip-top shape? Join Evolution Service’s Total Care Club. Membership includes a 99-point tune-up in the Spring and another in the Fall, discounted pricing on repairs and equipment replacement, and priority service for emergency and repair calls. Call for details!